The Road is No Place to throw a Blowout

Aside from safe, responsible driving, the easiest way to prevent severe accidents s to prevent tire blow outs. It’s easy for everyone to do their part to keep the streets of Wilmington safe with these four easy practices:

#1 – Pressure and Tread

Tread should be no less than 4/32” deep. Placing a penny into the grooves and ensuring most of Lincoln’s head is covered is the easiest way to guarantee this.

Wait about 3 hours before checking pressure, to let the tires cool. Find your vehicle’s intended pressure in your manual, or on your doorsill. It may also be on your fuel door. For every ten degrees warmer the weather is than the average temperature, remove a couple pounds of pressure from this intended pressure. Add for every 10 degrees cooler.

#2 – Alignment

If your car pulls when you’re trying to drive straight, your frontend may be misaligned (a pothole can cause this). If you observe this, have it serviced immediately, period.

#3 – TPMS Indicator

Most cars have a TPMS light (pressure sensor). If it lights up, don’t ignore it, check your pressure right away!

For more tips on tire safety information, pay Stevenson Mazda of Wilmington a visit – we care about your safety.

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